Saturday, 13 April 2013


PROTES..... DAP Leaders photo in front of the DAP flags.

THE MAYOR of Kota Kinabalu again reminded the various political parties to abide to the law to apply for proper permits before putting up any election campaign material and it is an offence to do without approval from him. Any 'illegally' put up of flags, banners, and bill boards are deem to be against the law.

KK Mayor Abidin said he is not taking sides and said advertisements, banners or flags of political parties are only allowed within the vicinity or buildings during any political events. DBKK will allow them to put up their flags and banners within the event venue for a few hours, and will order them to remove or take down their material after the event.

Hiew King Cheu, the DAP Sabah State Advisor said, looking at the many flags and banners being put up in the KK City until today, it seem like the KK Mayor have not taken any stern action to exercise his power. Why there is no action taken by him or his enforcement officers? What is the use on just mentioning about the laws in the newspaper?

DAP Kota Kinabalu today has put up 15 flags for one week in the Foh Sang shops area along the Jalan Mawas to commemorate the party’s 47th anniversary with the required permission from the DBKK. This flag raising event is to mark the 47-year long devoted service and struggles by the DAP for all Malaysian.

The flags was jointly install by the DAP members and DAPsy members, they are Fred Fung, Andrew Lee, Junz Wong, Noriah Onong, Jeffery Kumin, Henry Shim and other DAP Leaders plus DAPsy members.

We view it is only right to observe the law and be law abiding, and we believe going against the law should not be the behavior of a good political party.

Furthermore, DAP will not compete with other political parties on the erection of flags, for the reason that we cannot afford to put up so many flags along the roads.

Each flag with the pole will cost us a lot of money. We know the people have the 'Rocket' in their heart, and therefore we will erect our party flags only in some strategic locations.     

Hiew would to inform the general public and all the PR supporters about the two ceramahs scheduled for Saturday, 14th of April in Kepayan Ridge 88 Market, and on Sunday 15th of April in the Tanjong Aru Kerai Makan Malam, both caramahs will start at 7.30pm with songs and some good speakers.  Please do not miss the chance to listen to the messages of change and on the problems of the Sabah economy.

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