Tuesday, 9 April 2013


KOTA KINABALU: DAP's Member of Parliament, Hiew King Chew, fails to see the reality of Sabah's dire needs within the federation because he is a member of a Malayan-based party, says State Reform Party (STAR).

STAR Sabah's Information Chief Edward Linggu said this in a statement in response to Hiew who had told voters not to waste votes on STAR and SAPP yesterday.

He claimed that  a STAR or SAPP state government wouldn't be able to function because it will be an opposition state even if PR took over Putrajaya, just like PBS government was after it was the state opposition government.

Linggu said Hiew has chosen to speak with selective ignorance, betraying his political tunnel vision, by saying Sabah can only survive by surrendering its fate to Malayan parties.

Linggu also said that as  a DAP representative Hiew has forgotten his roots and believes Sabah is a territory to be claimed for Malaya, and not to be given any measure of rights and autonomy.

"Has Hiew forgotten that Sabah was promised certain special rights, privileges and autonomy as special conditions for Sabah's forming Malaysia together with three other nation states?" Linggu asked. "Or as a DAP leader does he prefer that Sabah continues to be under the control of Malayan parties forever?

"As a Sabahan does Hiew want to fight for Sabah rights or Malayan control over your state?

"STAR sees Sabah as our home and our ultimate objective is to establish hegemony of local parties over it and do away with dictations on how to run our home state by Malayan BN parties," Linggu added. "But sadly, our efforts are being hampered by other Malaya-based parties like DAP which are out to split votes."

Linggu said Hiew's ignorance of political realities is evident in his attempt to compare STAR's future scenario with that of the PBS era, stressing how easily we can be choked to death by Kuala Lumpur.

"Hiew needs to wake up to the reality that the people of Sabah had awakened from this lie and they are now fighting for their rights without fear. They now fully realize that they are at the losing end of the current arrangement whereby their state is being robbed of RM42 billion annually by Kuala Lumpur and yet remain poor because it is given mere token allocations for development compared to what is being given the Peeninsula.

"Nobody will help Sabahans except ourselves. So STAR is fighting for something BN Sabah parties don't dare to do, that is to take back our rights which were promised to us in the Malaysia Agreement, the IGC Report, the 20 Points and the Oath Stone. These rights have been eroded and will be completely wiped out if Malayan parties continue to rule us because they have no understanding of the desires of genuine Sabahans.

"Can Hiew understand this part of Sabah politics? To STAR,  voting for PR is like trying to jump from the BN frying pan into the PR fire. We have very little trust in Anwar who had betrayed his ignorance of leanings.

"If Hiew is honest and sincere to fight for Sabahans he needs to seriously re-consider his stance on this issue and whether he can fight for us to our full advantage under a neo-colonist political platform. He can't be claiming to fight for us while being a proxy of Malayan hegemony.

"If he believes Sabah will not be able to stand on its own if PR takes over Putrajaya is he denying that Penang,, under his party, has done better than when it was under the BN?" Linggu demanded.

"And by saying that does he also mean that PR will be suppressing and choking Sabah, with him playing the KL agent's role to victimize and strangle his fellow Sabahans?" Linggu demanded.

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