Sunday, 7 April 2013


Former candidate expected to cross over to BN party. Teresa Kok, the Seputeh MP and DAP stalwart was in Kota Kinabalu to smoothen things over, say sources.


PENAMPANG: A ‘leadership crisis’ is said to be brewing fast in Sabah DAP and could erupt in the next 48 hours or so, if not earlier. At least one ‘winnable’ candidate, who had contested previously, is said to have change his mind on his political allegiance and would be joining the Barisan Nasional, while its sole MP, Hiew King Cheu may not get the chance to defend the seat he won in 2008.

According to sources, Hiew kicked up a row when he found out that he was to be replaced, and threatened all kinds of things that the DAP leadership had to send Teresa Kok to smoothen ruffled feathers.

The sources said she had managed to placate Hiew for the time being, but was unsuccessful in getting the Penampang leader to change his mind.
It is believed that Hiew, who cannot get along with Sabah DAP leader Jimmy Wong, is not considered a reliable MP, and his re-nomination could see the DAP losing the seat in the general election.

According to a DAP sponsor (name withheld), one of its branch leaders here who is a candidate (name withheld) in the last general elections, has decided to leave the party following a decision by the party State leadership to replace him with another candidate (name withheld).

The sponsor expressed deep regret and concern that the departure of this grassroots leader might deal a blow to DAP’s performance in the imminent general elections.

This was especially true since this grassroot leader has an extended family and relatives in Penampang. He is also non-controversial as compared to his replacement who is despised by many due to his aloof nature.

“I was made to understand that he might bring along close to 200 supporters to join another political party, soon. I have done my very best to persuade him to reconsider his move, but it seems that his mind is fixed.
Hiew no longer considered a winnable candidate by his party leaders.

Hiew no longer considered a winnable candidate by his party leaders.

“I certainly can understand his frustration over what happened, considering that he too had contributed substantially towards the revival and rebuilding of DAP in Sabah, all these years. I can sense his outrage and I’m afraid this might adversely affect DAP’s winning chance in Penampang,” said the sponsor.

He also claimed that the potential replacement candidate has become big-headed over time, following securing of a senior position in the party, forgetting those who have supported him all these while.

“Already we are facing a tough time sourcing for winnable candidates for this general elections, it’s therefore a bad move by the State leadership to make such a move to replace him (the outgoing leader) with this snobbish chap,” lamented the sponsor.

He further claimed that the party leadership might drop another one or two potential ‘new faces’ from the candidate list, after they failed to meet a certain criteria, in a recent assessment conducted by the party.
It was also reliably learnt that DAP stalwart Teresa Kok has rushed over here on Thursday, to attempt to salvage the situation, but was to no avail.

Borneo Insider has reliably learnt that the outgoing DAP Sabah leader might officially announce his departure from the party with a ‘bang’, over this weekend.

Penampang is currently held by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, the UPKO president, while the two state seats of Moyog and Kepayan are held by Donald Mojuntin (UPKO) and Edward Khoo (MCA) respectively.

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