Thursday, 4 April 2013


KOTA KINABALU: It appears that Kuala Lumpur still hasn't learned anything from the Lahad Datu intrusion and bloodshed, and persists on toying with the lives of Sabahans, said State Reform Party (STAR).

STAR's deputy chairman, Daniel John Jambun, in a statement here, took to task Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Dato' Seri Nazri Aziz for saying it will be difficult for the Federal Government to re-issue new MyKads for Sabah.

Jambun accused Nazri of lying when he made the excuse such a simple task is difficult supposedly "because there are laws to be looked into."

"What laws is he talking about? If there are laws to be looked into, then look into them!" Jambun demanded. "As far as we know the Federal Government, through the National Registration Department, has the complete prerogative to re-issue MyKads anytime, even to change the designs, anytime it wants.

"There is no need to pass such an undertaking through parliament, or to have it gazetted. What Nazri is doing is lying and avoiding the proposal, still believing that Sabahans are stupid and can be lied to anytime he wants," he added.

Jambun, who is also the President of the Borneo Plight Malaysia Foundation (BOMIFO), challenged Nazri to explain what laws were used in the illegal issuance of hundreds of thousands of MyKads to refugees and illegal immigrants. He reminded Nazri that it was he who arrogantly said the illegals were not a security problem in Sabah.

"The fact is there was no law used except the law of the jungle and shameless law of robbers, thieves and traitors. The Federal Government ignored the Federal Constitution and many other laws to commit the treasonous acts of issuing the blue ICs and MyKads to illegals," he said. "If they could do that for foreigners, why can't they do the same -- legally -- for the people of Sabah?

"Why is it so easy to do the wrong thing and yet they refuse to do the right thing? Is it because the Federal Government wants to perpetuate the dominance of illegals in Sabah for political purpose at the expense of bona fide Sabahans?

"The treasonous act had now been blown into the face of the Federal Government with the death of almost 100 people and souring diplomatic relations with the Philippines. This is a clear case of what is called a 'blowback' or a backlash of an act committed in 'good' intention in the past. And yet Nazri still has the audacity to say it is difficult to solve the MyKads problem when the solution is right in his very hands.

 "I agree with Tan Sri Bernard Dompok that Nazri was wrong and this time will be proven wrong again. As for the leaders of Upko, PBRS and PBS who are supposed to be the representatives of the KDMs in BN, to fight for the KDM rights, they should now seriously consider leaving the BN, because it is very obvious the BN government is not giving face at all to their proposal. It is proven again that they are toothless in BN.

"Now that parliament has been dissolved it is the opportune time for them to sit down with local Sabah parties to help fight for justice under the Borneo Agenda. With the three parties in UBF, the defeat of the BN in Sabah will be a forgone conclusion.

"Thereafter we can proceed to set up our own Homeland Security System and use our kingmaker position to force the Federal Government to do what they are supposed to do to develop and protect Sabah and Sabahans."

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