Friday, 5 April 2013


THE MALAYS on both sides of the political divide have a new old trick. If the Indians accuse them of being racist, prejudiced, opportunistic, and fanatic, they are immediately in turn accused of being racists and not being committed to transformasi, reformasi and change.

If the Indians ask why their concerns were not addressed in Buku Jingga and the PR Manifesto, they are immediately accused of being racists although the Opposition has spelt out plans for Risda, Felda etc all occupied 100 per cent by Malays. Why don't they open these schemes to Indians instead of being racist?

If the Indians criticise the deviations and distortions, gross abuses, in the implementation of Article 153 and the NEP, they are immediately accused of being racist and anti-Malay.

The Dap came up with a so-called Plan for Indians. This is a watered down version of the Buku Jingga for non-Indians and the Hindraf Blueprint.

Dap said that "other demands" of the Indians were "too extreme".

Actually, the Dap doesn't even know what it's talking about. It doesn't even know what these "extreme demands" or "other demands" are. It just assumes that if there any criticisms on any Indian concerns not being in the Dap plan, then it must be "other demands" or "extreme demands". The Dap doesn't bother to read, listen or think.

The Dap like PKR and Umno cares two Fs about the Indians.

All they want to do, like PKR, is to con enough number of Indians over the next few weeks into voting for them in return for their 14-Point Plan for Indians hot air gimmick.

Umno and MIC are no better. Malas mahu cakap!

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