Friday, 17 May 2013


Dear Editor,

AS PUBLISHED in the main stream media today, this ex judge Mohd Nor Abdullah is quoted as saying, "When will our future generation be learning in the same class, eating in the same canteen, because there is no room for that?"

Well, this can be achieved in Malaysia only if the following are carried out.

1.   All the ministers especially UMNO leaders do sent their children to all government schools in Malaysia which they describe as the best, but at the same time all their children are sent to English medium overseas.

2.  All the students are forced to study the artificially created Bahasa Malaysia, now they called Bahasa Melayu again.

3. All the students are forced to eat moslem food since school canteens are only allowed to sell halal food.

Wow, that is a real utopia isnt' it.

And the Title of the seminar organised by the rascist university called UiTM where this ex-judge was the speaker was..

wait a minute...."GE-13 Postmortem, Leadership Discussion And The Survival Of Moslems"

The third part is really a classic. Why must the moslem be taught survival techniques in Malaysia where they already enjoyed the best previleges in the whole world?

If Utusan Malaysia asked "Apa Lagi Cina Mau?"  I can also ask, "Apa Lagi Moslem Mau In Malaysia"?

In case you are all in denial, here are the list of previleges

1.  Official Religion = Islam
2.  PM must be Moslem
3.  State TYT must be Moslem or as in the case of Sabah, some must convert first
4.  All mosque are state funded in construction, maintenance etc compared to the rest
5.  compulsory to have islamic classes in all school.

Right.  apa lagi lu mau ?

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