Tuesday, 21 May 2013



GEORGE TOWN : Pakatan Rakyat lost the recent general election because its campaign strategy was faulty, not because it was the victim of fraud, according to the Malaysian Election Observers Network (Meonet).

Meonet Chief, Ong Boon Keong said today that his organisation’s ground study found Pakatan did not have an effective strategy to penetrate Barisan Nasional’s rural vote bank, especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

He noted that virtually all of Pakatan’s claims of fraud involved urban constituencies, where it was more successful than BN.

“Strategically, Pakatan’s claim that fraud robbed it of victory is misplaced,” Ong told FMT.

Meonet’s team of volunteers monitored the election in Sabah and Sarawak.

Ong said BN effectively engaged the local chieftains and power brokers in the two states to secure the rural votes.

He urged Pakatan to take a good look at its own campaign strategy, saying it would not be able to take over Putrajaya until it could penetrate BN’s rural vote bank.

Meanwhile, Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek has described the Pakatan protest rallies as a “crazy fiesta” held by disenchanted groups who could not accept defeat.

A total 11,054,577 votes were recorded for the parliament contest in the May 5 election.

Pakatan garnered 5,623,984 of the popular votes (60%) against BN’s 5,237,699 (47.4%), and leaders of the opposition alliance have been citing these figures to claim that they were the rightful victors.

The three parties in Pakatan collectively won 88 parliament seats against BN’s 133. Pakatan-friendly PSM won the Sungai Siput seat to make it 89 for the opposition.

What the Pakatan leaders have not highlighted is that Umno won the most popular votes among individual parties.

Umno secured 29.3% popular votes and won 88 federal seats, leaving the second biggest party, DAP, far behind with 15.7% and 38 seats.

Penang Gerakan leader Baljit Singh has called on opposition leaders to accept their defeat gracefully.

Using the analogy of a football match, he said the opposition should realise that the team that scored more goals would win a match, not the team with the most fans in the stadium.

“Likewise, under the country’s first-past-the-pole election system, a party needs to win more seats, not just popular votes, to triumph,” said Baljit. (FMT)


  1. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    NEWLY appointed Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's firm assurance that his ministry will take action against those who do not adhere to the law on rallies is timely.

  2. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    I have been asking myself from the first rally, why the organisers were allowed to hold them when it was obvious they did not obtain the approval from the authorities. I kept thinking, won't that encourage them to repeat the offence? What if an untoward incident were to happen at the rallies? Who shall be held responsible?

  3. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    It really boggles the mind to read and hear reports on news portals and leaders that they have the right to express their opinion in this manner.

  4. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    What about the rights of those who need to go about their daily lives and earn a living for their families? Some argue being stuck in traffic jams cannot be helped when such rallies are held.

  5. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    But what if violent incidents were to occur and lives are lost? Who protects the rights of those who are not involved, but are affected by it?

  6. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    This group of people are not respecting the results of the just concluded general election. Our democracy does not follow the system of popular votes and Pakatan had clearly lost.

  7. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    Talking about popular votes is just a sore loser's way of insisting that only its side can win. If Pakatan had won enough seats in Parliament and was able to form a government, would they still be singing this tune?

  8. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    If there is evidence of fraud in the polls, go about it the proper way and through the legal channels. If there are any reported cases that justify a recount, it should be conducted as the court orders. And if there are weaknesses, take measures to rectify them.

  9. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    Rallies are not necessary. They only distort the process of feedback from the people. But if they still feel strongly that rallies are necessary, do it within the provisions and requirements of the law. Only through such actions will the rights of all the people be protected.

  10. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    The law should protect the rights of all, regardless of who the people voted for. These are the very same politicians who said they wanted to protect the rights of all Malaysians, but are now ignoring the significant portion of the people who did not vote for them in the last election.

  11. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    Where is the respect for the people's right that they claimed to champion? The minister's warning is, therefore, accurate in this context. Prevention is better than cure.

  12. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    It is irresponsible for these politicians to stir up the emotions of the people to be unruly and have blatant disrespect for the law of the nation for the purpose of furthering their personal ambitions for power.

  13. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    The authorities must take preemptive action to check acts of anarchy before it is too late. Cyberspace should also be closely monitored since this group is using the medium aggressively to convince the masses.

  14. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    Most netizens are gullible and irrational as they tend to take everything they read on the Internet as gospel truth. The authorities must monitor and take action against those who spread lies or post inciting remarks to confuse the general public.

  15. RESPECT CITIZENS' RIGHTS: Use the proper channels

    We support an open policy with regards to our use of cyberspace but it should not be at the expense of the peace of this nation. If we want a better democracy, then all of us should start by respecting the rights of all the people in this country as provided for in the Constitution.

  16. Negeri Sembilan sering disebut-sebut sebagai negeri yang bakal tumbang ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU-13).

    Walaubagaimanapun setelah PRU yang paling sengit dalam sejarah tanahair berakhir, Pakatan bukan sahaja gagal mengambil alih Negeri Sembilan malah jumlah kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) yang dimenangi juga merosot berbanding pencapaian tahun 2008.

  17. Kalau pada PRU-12, tahun 2008, Pakatan menang 15 kerusi DUN, kini tinggal 14 kerusi DUN sahaja di Negeri Sembilan.

    DAP mencatat keputusan paling cemerlang apabila menambah dari 10 DUN (2008) kepada 11 DUN (2013). DAP menang di semua 11 DUN yang ditandingi iaitu Chennah, Bahau, Nilai, Lobak, Temiang, Bukit Kepayang, Rahang, Mambau, Senawang, Lukut dan Repah.

  18. PKR pula yang menang empat DUN pada tahun 2008, hanya mampu mempertahankan tiga DUN sahaja iaitu Sikamat, Chuah dan Port Dickson. DUN Ampangan yang dimenangi pada PRU-12 kini terlepas ke tangan Barisan Nasional (BN). PKR bertanding di 13 DUN pada PRU-13.

  19. PAS pula kalah di semua 12 DUN yang ditandingi termasuk DUN Paroi yang merupakan satu-satunya DUN dimenangi oleh parti itu pada tahun 2008.

  20. FMT menerima satu email daripada seorang yang mahu dikenali sebagai ‘Demi Rakyat Negeri Sembilan’ (DRNS). Beliau berhujah lengkap dengan gambar rajah analisa; memberikan argumentasi dan punca kekalahan Pakatan di Negeri Sembilan.

  21. DRNS mendakwa pada 21 Februari 2013, pemimpin PKR Negeri Sembilan ada menghantar email kepada semua pimpinan pusat PKR iaitu Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Tian Chua, Fuziah Saleh, Saifuddin Nasution dan Dr. Abdul Rahim Ghouse.

    DRNS menyatakan pandangan akar umbi bahawa meletakkan Datuk Kamarul Baharin Abbas (Ahli Parlimen Telok Kemang) di kerusi DUN dan mempromosi beliau sebagai Menteri Besar Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Sembilan akan menyebabkan kemerosotan undi.

  22. “Penolakan masyarakat terhadap Kamarul Baharin kerana prestasinya yang amat buruk di Parlimen Telok Kemang dan sikap beliau yang bongkak, angkuh dan sombong.

  23. “Menganalisa semula keputusan PRU-13, kemerosotan undi akibat pencalonan beliau di DUN Ampangan untuk membolehkan beliau menjadi Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, kesan kemerosotan undi jatuh lebih teruk sehingga 35%. Ini berdasarkan:

    1.Undi majoriti Parlimen Telok Kemang dimenangi Kamarul Baharin: 1,579 undi

    2.Undi majoriti DUN Port Dickson dalam Parlimen Telok Kemang dimenangi M Ravi: 2,422 undi

    3.Kemerosotan undi 843/2,422 = 35 peratus.

  24. “Berdasarkan kiraan ini, jika diambil penolakan lima peratus kerana DUN lain yang terbabit di luar Parlimen Telok Kemang sebagai ada kesan jumlah undi semakin berkurangan apabila berada di luar Telok Kemang.

    Ini mengakibatkan 30 peratus faktor Kamarul Baharin memberikan kesan kepada pengurangan undi kepada Pakatan di Negeri Sembilan.

  25. kena terima kekalahan, jgn nak salahkan pihak lain