Saturday, 11 May 2013


THE saying that the “Chinese don’t support the BN” by PM Najib is a gross statement, and it is totally wrong and baseless, he also said this is a “Chinese Tsunami” that caused the defeat of many BN Chinese candidates.

The Chinese component parties like the Gerakan and MCA of the BN are the main core Chinese based parties in BN, and they are in the urban Chinese majority constituencies, unluckily majority of them were wiped out. Should the Chinese be blamed for not supporting the BN? PM Najib also said that DAP has mislead the Chinese community to ditch BN.

The newly elected Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu said that it is clear that Najib got it all wrong. He should ask MCA and Gerakan why they have lost miserably and being defeated by Pakatan Rakyat DAP and PKR.

If he studies the situation carefully, it is very easy to tell what went wrong with his Chinese counter parts. The major reason that the Chinese population doesn’t support BN is simply that the Chinese have the advantage of having access to the multimedia information and newspaper regarding the bad doings of the BN, and along with all negative effect caused by the BN.

In the rural area and the Sub urban areas, the local folks do not have such convenience in accessing the news on corruption and bad deeds of the BN. Many people are still unaware and they continue to think BN is the forever government.

The DAP is different and their constant and devoted work to help the people pays off in the urban area and suburban areas where they have won plenty of seats.

When compared to the BN MCA and Gerakan, these two only appear during election time and there were no consistent work input to help the people. DAP is proud of the achievement, and this is appreciated by the people in return for the votes.

It is not only the Chinese supported the PR and ditching the BN and there are many cases where the other races have support PR candidates with full support.

In Sabah, some of the state seats with many bumiputra were won by PKR and DAP, it is a solid proof that we won the seats not depending only on the Chinese votes. Just give us more time, and in the future we shall win even many other Bumiputra seats.

Therefore, Najib’s statement cannot stand up and he should retrieve his gross statement. This has made the Chinese very angry, especially he has created racial unrest. Therefore, he must apologize to the Chinese and the people of Malaysia. (DAP Media)

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