Friday, 17 May 2013


THE LUYANG Assemblyman, Hiew King Cheu urges those people who had found their names missing or being dumped to a far away place should come to his office to registered their complaints and provide evidence for submission to the SPR office to reinstate their names or return to the home place constituency to vote.

In the just over 13th general election, there were many names went missing or record not found. This is highly illogical and some thing is seriously wrong. How can a person who had been staying in the same place, having the same address, and had voted for eight times in the same polling station suddenly find his name went missing?

The worst case is that a lady who had flew thousand of miles from oversea to come back to vote in Luyand, had found her name not on the record. A Madam Wong found her name being listed to vote in Tenom, and that is the funniest because she had never been to Tenom.

The ADUN Luyang office will be recording all these as evidence to submit to the SPR and will seek their cooperation to put the record right. This should not have happened, and it is believed that this is done not because of computer but through “human deliberate fault”!

We want to seek justice done and we demand a thorough investigation in the matter. This had caused injustice in the voting and the candidate’s defeat. The situation where “imported voters” are allow to vote, has to be investigated too, because there are evidences showing that this kind of incident is true.

In the case of many voters found someone had voted in their places early before they even reached the polling centre, and this became imminent in many places.

A Mr. Chong told Hiew that somebody had voted in his place very early before he arrived to vote at 8.30am on polling day. He showed the Returning Officer that he had not voted because he had no indelible ink on his fingers and he had just come straight from his house.

The RO said he wouldn’t believe him because he had “washed” his finger to get rid of the indelible ink. How can this happen, and how come the RO knew that the indelible ink can be washed? The indelible ink is really a joke and a waste of public fund.

Hiew further wishes to remind the SPR concerning the selection and arrangement of the polling centre in Kota Kinabalu City. The Gaya Teacher Training College polling centre in Luyang is not only ridiculous but at the same time might have caused life lost.

This is because the polling centre is situated right at the bottom of the hill, and the voters have to walk down a steep staircase and climb back up to the hill top after making stop of at least three times.

There were a few older people who had to be help to get down and up the steep staircase. The voters had helped to carry a handicap person down to vote in the centre. A young girl had fended and turned pale when she tried to climb the flight of the steep staircase.

Many other polling centers faced serious traffic jam during the peak hours of voting, and there were no traffic police to control the cars. The polling centre in SK Kiansom is the worst because of the narrow road which cannot allow the passage of two cars to pass by.

The jam was serious and people had to abandon their cars outside and walked two kilometers in and out of the polling centre. What happen if there are older voters who cannot even walk? It is a must that SPR should review and reset the polling centers for future elections. (DAP Media)


  1. Bagi memastikan nama anda yang mendaftar SPR tidak tercicir, sila semak samada ianya dicatatkan dalam Rang Daftar Pemilih tersebut atau tidak.

  2. Jika nama anda tiada sila buat bantahan dengan membawa salinan borang yang anda serahkan semasa mendaftar.

  3. Elakkan dari penipuan dan penyelewengan dengan sentiasa peka terhadap masa semakan, bantahan dan hak anda sebagai rakyat yang berdaulat.
    Kita tidak mahu ada pihak yang merungut, 'aku sudah mendaftar tetapi nama aku tiada dalam Daftar Pemilih.'

  4. Pengerusi SPR Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof berkata suruhanjaya itu telah melaksanakan pelbagai penambahbaikan bagi pilihan raya umum Ahad lepas, termasuk menyediakan Daftar Pemilih terbersih yang pernah disediakan SPR.

    Daftar Pemilih yang digunakan dalam PRU13 diwartakan melalui proses pembersihan terperinci dan semakan dalam talian dengan rekod warganegara dan alamat terkini pemilih mengikut pangkalan data Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), katanya.

  5. "Oleh kerana sistem pendaftaran pemilih menggunakan nombor kad pengenalan 12 angka yang unik sebagai 'identifier' (pengenal pasti) pendaftaran, maka mustahil terdapat pendaftaran berganda dalam Daftar Pemilih PRU13," katanya dalam kenyataan di sini Jumaat.

    Menjelas lanjut, Abdul Aziz berkata melalui sistem pendaftaran itu, tiada ruang bagi warga asing sama ada dari Bangladesh, Indonesia, China atau India dapat mendaftar sebagai pengundi tambahan.

  6. Beliau menjelaskan melalui sistem pendaftaran itu, tiada sesiapa yang bukan warganegara sama ada dari Bangladesh, Indonesia, China atau India yang dapat mendaftar sebagai pengundi tambahan.

    Selain itu, Abdul Aziz berkata Daftar Pemilih yang digunakan dalam PRU13 ialah sah, telah diwarta dan dimuktamadkan, sekali gus adalah mustahil untuk memasukkan nama-nama pengundi tambahan.

  7. The new line of Cabinet was announced yesterday and sadly, it was responded with sighs. The world seemed to stop for a moment, silent, as if wondering what would happen next. Sometimes, when things get too quiet, we become nervous. Especially seeing how quiet our enemies are, as if they ‘bless’ the new appointed cabinet. Because all these while, our enemies have never agreed to anything we did.

    Most rakyat and undecided voters voted for Barisan Nasional in GE13 because they fear if victory goes to Pakatan Rakyat and now, they could not help but to wonder their vote helped BN win, or just to help BN head towards losing.

  8. For some reason, majority rakyat are not happy even though most mainstream media tried to ‘please’ but saying that the new cabinet is the best. Some rakyat somehow have their doubt on the new line of leadership.

    Perhaps rakyat have been putting high expectations over leadership. This is not surprising because we are ‘used’ to the dynamic and strict leadership by Tun Mahathir for 22 years, and we could not really get used to anything different than that.

  9. Tun Mahathir has led Malaysia a lot more forward with his strict approach as he faces big power, he dared to challenge Zionists, criticizing Soros, swift actions in defending the country, drives the economy as well as did not hesitate to offer help to Muslims around the world.

    Despite of being hit with criticisms, he is consistent and focused in his plans up to the part where the ones who criticized him had to admit that he is right. Chinese which previously labeled him as Ultra-Malay finally admit that he is not racist, and gave their support to him.

  10. This one is serious allegation.

  11. The lesson which we can take on the glory of Malaysia during Tun Mahathir’s era is that being strict is important, not popularity. From there, Malaysia became a harmonious and dignified country.

    If learning for success is not enough then lets look at what we learn from failure where Malaysia ‘tumbled down’ soon after Tun Mahathir resigned. Why?

    Because the new leadership approach back then was the opposite of what was done by Tun Mahathir where it puts popularity in front instead of strictness.

    Thus, rakyat whom voted for Barisan Nasional the other day were really hoping that leadership style can go the other way around again, just like how it was before. The era where not just our economy was strong, the matter of racial and the country’s dignity was also very strong.

  12. Terrorism threats as well as colonization of the new millennium is no longer something we read in newspapers or tv. Instead, it is a lot closer to our lives. That is why those who previously too lazy to vote, has now actually voted for BN so that the threats can be stopped, so that we can focus on developing the country.

    At this moment, rakyat are nervous looking at how the country’s enemies roam free spreading lies and causing damages without having to face any consequences.

  13. If most rakyat first questions ‘what is the government waiting for?’. the next question should be ‘what is the government scared of?’ All these questions should be answered as soon as possible by the new line of cabinet.

    Rakyat can only hope that their nervousness can be wiped away soon. Now, it is up to those who are appointed to ensure that rakyat’s nervousness do not turn to annoyance.

  14. pada masa akan datang, SPR kena pastikan masalah seperti ini tdk wujud lagi, SPR kena tingkatkan mutu perkhidmatan

  15. Adakah perkara ini betul berlaku atau disebabkan ketidakpuashatian?

  16. Proses pengundian yang berlangsung semasa Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU-13) Ahad lalu didapati mempunyai kewibawaan dan boleh dipercayai. Perkara itu diakui tiga kumpulan pemantau PRU-13 iaitu Pusat Kajian Polisi Awam (CPPS), Institut Kepimpinan dan Strategi Asia (Asli) serta Institut Hal Ehwal Demokrasi dan Ekonomi (Ideas).

  17. Pengerusi CPPS, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam berkata, secara keseluruhan keputusan PRU-13 yang diumumkan juga adalah sah.

  18. Beliau juga mengakui sukar mendapat proses yang 100 peratus sempurna dalam mana-mana pilihan raya.

  19. Secara keseluruhan keputusan itu adalah berwibawa walaupun terdapat kecaman. Kalau dikatakan menipu tentu pembangkang tidak akan menang sedikit pun.

  20. Tambahan lagi, BN (Barisan Nasional) juga tidak berhadapan situasi Parlimen tergantung sebaliknya parti itu berjaya mendapat majoriti yang ketara dalam pilihan raya kali ini," katanya dalam sidang akhbar mengenai laporan PRU-13 di sini semalam

    1. Tiada isu orang lain boleh nampak pengundi pangkah sesiapa dan setiap prosedur dipantau oleh Pusat kajian polisi awam (CPPS).

  21. This Hiew King Cheu will win in any Chinese Constituency, as long as he have the DAP batch on his chest.

    Heck, if DAP put an Orang Utan in any Chinese Constituency during the GE13, sure win one!!