Thursday, 2 May 2013


THERE were further discrepancies found in the electoral rolls in the last few days. The N16 Luyang Candidate Hiew King Cheu was informed by a voter who has found out some dubious voters registered to vote in many constituencies using the same name with different IC numbers. 

When checking on the voter’s status in Pahang, it was found that this particular voter was registered to vote in three voting stations in the same state but in different constituencies.

We do not understand how the Election Commission and National Registration Department have allowed this to happen. The latest was that the person was removed from the electoral.

On another incident, the advance voting of the security personnel on 30th April, it has been confirmed that the indelible ink is found to be no longer indelible, so anything can happen now.

What is the use of spending millions of Ringgit on this type of “washable” indelible ink? Why not just use the RM5 permanent/waterproof marker paint or the “inai” coloring during the Muslim wedding?

So, where is the truth that the electoral rolls are free from ‘phantom voters’ as declared by the Chairman of the EC? Please see the photos attached. This is a clear evidence of fraudulent practices in the 13th General Election to ensure the BN win.

There are many air flights including Boeing 747 and Airbus 330 coming into Sabah from Semananjong, bringing in estimated some 33,000 thousand people in these few days and more than 40 unit buses are ready to transfer these people to unknown destination.

This is extraordinary and Pakatan Rakyat is watching and will follow to track down where these people are going. We want a clean and fair election, and the BN is playing foul and using dirty tactic to destroy the hope of the people to have a new PR government.

The Sabahan must work together to fight this and be on the alert and watch over any “strangers” in their kampong, or any unusual activities which will affect the final result of this election.

The votes are advised to stay around the polling centre after they have cast their votes to watch out strangers who do not belong to their kampong.

The people must vote singly to PR and do not split the votes. This is the only way to fight this battle, and if no one voted BN, we shall beat all these dubious voters and BN. We want a better future and PR is the only solution.

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