Sunday, 30 November 2014

Luyang drains are rubbish free now

by : Hiew King Cheu

The Luyang drains before dirty and now without floating rubbish

The storm drains in the Luyang area is rubbish free now. In an inspection conducted by the MCA Luyang state assemblyman Hiew King Cheu and his assistants, it is very surprising to see that the big drains in Luyang are so clean and without any rubbish floating in the drains. It is very pleasant to see drains that are clean which were littered with tons of rubbish especially plastic items.

A request was made by the Luyang assemblyman office a few months ago, by urging the people not to throw their household rubbish into the storm drains, and they should place their rubbish into the rubbish bins in front of their house to be disposed by the DBKK garbage trucks to the rubbish dump site. 

Hiew wants to thanks the residents in Luyang and other parts of Kota KInabalu City for following the request. This clean drain cannot be achieved if the people continue to throw their rubbish into the drains thinking that the drains are rubbish dumps. A clean and healthy environment can only be achieved by the people themselves. 

Hiew wants the good effort of the people to continue and should be extended to voluntarily helping to keep our environment clean. No one would like to live in a dirty surrounding anyway.

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