Friday, 7 November 2014


Displaying the RAKAN COP poster together.

By : Hiew King Cheu

The RAKAN COP program of the Police department is an encouragement for the general public to assist the police department to prevent, fight and solve crimes. Under the RAKAN COP program, the general public is the “Eye and Ear” for the police. This has proven to be very effective. Up to date, there are many people have enrolled and registered themselves as friends to the police.

During the meet the people session held at the Hilltop shops, the MCA Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu made an open call to the people in Luyang to register themselves with this police Rakan Cop program. To register as a friend of the police is very simple, and this can be done over the phone using SMS or MMS. At the same time, the police have printed some posters for display in the coffee shops in Luyang with all the details. The assemblyman office will assist to put them up in the coffee shops in Luyang.

Margaret Lim and Hiew discussing with the police officer. 

Together in the police meet the people session was Mdm. Margaret Lim Henn Jin, the MCA Public Service and Complain Bureau Sabah chief, and her committee member Michael Chang Hyen Kong. Margaret Lim pointed out that the people should come forward voluntarily to assist the police to prevent and fight crimes which in return can protect our community from harms. To prevent crimes from happening is always better from trying to solve crimes, before causing problems and troubles to us. Margaret Lim and Michael Chang are both residing in Taman Jindo and Hilltop, they supported the proposal by YB Hiew to request for a police pondok to be set up in Taman Jindo next to the Rukun Tertanga building or somewhere suitable to serve and protect the area.

Hiew thanks the police for organizing the meet the people session in Luyang, and he pointed out that the meeting is encouraging and successful. It is a good channel for the police to meet the people personally to listen and understand them. It will be better still that we will finally be friends of the police, and that is the real objective of RAKAN COP program! 

Let us work together to make Luyang a safe place to live in.


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