Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MCA Sabah Public Service and Complaint Bureau

by : Hiew King Cheu

Statement issued for Margaret Lim Henn Jin

Margaret Lim photo with YB Hiew King Cheu, Chang Nyen Kong, Peter Chong Chee Min and Lu Chew Teck.      

The MCA Sabah Public Service and Complaint Bureau chief, Mdm Margaret Lim Henn Jin is hospitalized due to infection to the wound after her knee operation. She is likely to remain in the hospital for a few weeks until full recovery.

The MCA Luyang state assemblyman Hiew King Cheu visited Margaret Lim in the KPJ Specialist Hospital last week with MCA leader Michael Chang Nyen Kong, Peter Chong Chee Min and few others, where Michael Chang is also a member of the MCA public service and complaint bureau. 

Margaret Lim expressed her gratitude to her MCA comrades for visiting her in the hospital. She said, even thought she is now hospitalized, and there are still some public complaints which she has to deal with. 

She apologizes for not being able to attend to the complaints personally. In her sick bed, she requested her deputy Teresa Wong Siew Lim and her bureau member Michael Chang to stand in for her to handle the public complaints until she is fully recovered to resume her duty with the bureau. Meanwhile, Teresa Wong can be reached at Tel: 013 8607356.

Margaret mentioned that the MCA Luyang Assemblyman Office under the leadership of YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu is constantly providing public service and handling public complaints arising in the Kota Kinabalu City area. His office is very concern about the well being of the people in KK especially those in the Luyang area. 

The office is managed by Edward Ewol Mujie, Simon Yap Yen Fung, Adeline Yek, Noriah Onong, Jackie Voo, and some other members. They are handling matters like infrastructure problems, public requests, matters concerning housing, giving advices on government matters like land, laws, licenses, on the application of IC, death and birth certificates, etc.. MCA Public service and complaint bureau will do its best to serve the people in Sabah.

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