Monday, 5 February 2018

Dow Jones vs. KLSE or GE Fever?

"We want real change and real democracy, not just a choice between coke and pepsi"...

By: Mas Ayu

The 600p downfall of Dow Jones Index triggered the world that US still remains in power. Moreover in meanwhile the KLSE index shown a bad volume on last Friday. Some say according to rumors that GE plays the role. Some say it causes from the market correction itself in US same goes in 1928 trend.

The bearish trend in KLSE market since few weeks ago has caused made a lot of short term Traders and Investors do cut loss at lower price. It hadn’t been experience on previous GE unless 5 days before and after the GE takes place. Do you think that it cause by the unstable of current politics?

Am not trying to convince you offer you to believe but what on current circumstances they would tell you an unfold stories.

From the failure of opponents, NGOs etc. to establish the proof of Project IC existence until the recently the failure of Malaysia PM to strike out the 1MDB case make Malaysians more alert of GE ahead. The worse was the guy who accused his fellow for corruption but today he is trying to ask Malaysian to wash his asshole now. You are pretty sure who that guy.

What make Malaysians are freak out right now?

Simple calculation we take a look here: you have a pet. One day it gets sick and going to die. All veterinarians give you two options. 1. Antidote: would cure in 24 hours but only lasts for one day. But the disease spreads to you instead.
2. Antidote: would cure in 24 hours but it would suffer a chronic pain that cost you highly every month.

These two antidotes above literally tell you of what felt by Malaysians right now.