Wednesday 10 June 2015

We have to be prepared

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong raised concerns over the impacts of the continuous aftershocks and that State Govt must now get ready for any eventuality. 

Junz strongly recommended the Sabah Govt to form a team of technical experts to look into and study the environmental and catastrophic impacts of the aftershocks. 

Junz said the 6.1 earthquake was not the same the one occurred 24 years ago as that was one time off. 

Whereas this time around, there were continuous aftershocks after the first incident at 7.17am followed up by one at approximately 12noon, then one 4.3 aftershocks at 9.45pm yesterday and latest one at approximately 1.45pm today on 6.6.15. More may occur. 

"It makes our concerns more valid, we must not underestimate the impact as we don't know whether the aftershocks might intensify." Junz explained 

Junz who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary pointed out few factors which he thought was important for govt to think about.

1) Babagon Dam :- How to ensure or maximize Babagon Dam strength to withhold the impacts of earthquake if it intensifies? 

2) Abandoned copper mine :- How to maintain and take precautionary measures with sense of urgency to prevent leakages of the toxic into the surrounding rivers near Kundusang in event of more aftershocks

3) Building structures :- Whether is it necessary for building structures especially tall buildings to accommodate the requirements of "earthquake" preventive guidelines in future? 

4) Kaiduan Dam :- more in depth studies must be taken by catastrophic experts to take into consideration the impact of Kaiduan dam leakages (if built) as it is so big that it will cover the entire Crocker ranges, surrounding rivers all the way to Kundusang and near Ranau town. 

"Last but not least, Govt must prepare more educational programs to make Sabahans to be well equipped with knowledges of what and how to do to be safe in event of earthquake." Junz concluded 

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