Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Simon showing the damaged fence line

by : Simon Yap Yen Fung

The damaged Foh Sang children playground fence is finally repaired by The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Office.   

Simon Yap Yen Fung, assistant to the MCA Luyang Assemblyman pointed out most of the children playgrounds in Luyang are needed repair on their perimeter fence.   Most of the chain-link fences in Luyang where damaged and collapsed by vandalism.  This will cost the government money to reinstate and repair.  The fences are for the protection of the children and to stop them from running out of the playground or to the road.   If there is no fence, it will be very dangerous for them.  

The repaired new fence

Simon urges the people not to damage the playground and open space fences.   The fences can last for a long time if no damage is caused on them.   The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Office will continue to reinstall the damaged fences in many of the children playgrounds in Luyang.

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