Saturday, 29 November 2014

We can prove high charges!

by : Junz Wong

Media statement issued by Junz Wong to respond to CM Musa call on SAFMA issue 

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong welcomed long overdue positive response from Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman to call on SAFMA to investigate and clarify claims made by KK fishing boats owners Association over the high charges allegedly imposed by the privatized company.

In fact our legal team together with KKFBOA has assembled tons of concrete evidences to prove the high charges and we are more than willing to help SAFMA speed up the investigation and get to the bottom of the matter ! 

Not only high charges, the irregularities of charges imposed from time to time is also the main problem. This month high charges, next month even higher charges, month after lower charges again. 
The constant changing of charges depending on the mood really confused the fishery players thus KKFBOA has demanded for a written contractual agreement to clearly specify out what are the various charges & what services are provided for each of these high charges. 

Until today NO contract or written agreement has been negotiated or given to KKFBOA, in my opinion, this amounts to illegal collection of money which is also a criminal offense. 

We demand these private companies to reveal the contractual agreements which will clearly spell out what charges imposed for what services OR their claim that KKFBOA has owed the outstanding balance of over hundred thousands, is a complete lie to mislead the public as well as SAFMA and CM Musa. 

KKFBOA will reply to Bumimas today's statement TOMOLO with evidences to prove their cases. Stay tuned 

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