Monday, 3 November 2014


Edward showing the “Great Wall” in Taman Seputeh 

by : Edward Ewol Mujie.

It is very surprising that the Kota Kinabalu MP from DAP, Jimmy Wong Sze Phin dared to claim credit saying that he had successfully resolved the case of a triangular piece of land protruding into the road reserve in Taman Seputeh Kota Kinabalu which had create traffic obstruction and inconveniences to the motorists in the area.

Surly for one thing, he did not know that the then KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu and now the Luyang Assemblyman has been pursuing and working with the relevant authorities like DBKK Town Planning Unit, and the Land and Survey Department on this particular case, he only learnt about the details from the land owner Mr. Chong.  There are records and correspondents to proof that, said Edward Ewol Mujie from the Adun Luyang Office.  Edward was with Hiew all this while, and he said he can bear witness, and he does not agree to the way how someone who budged in and claiming credit.

We do not wish to claim credit, and it is our role and duty as the Wakil Rakyat to assist the people where ever and whenever we can.   Jimmy Wong as the KK  MP, he should do exactly that.

We all know this land protruding into the road reserve in Taman Seputeh is a problem for a long period of time, and it is high time for this to be straightened out. The only right way is to get the matter resolved quickly and no need for finger pointing, we welcome help from all quarters. That is why the Adun Luyang Office has been spending time with the land owner (Mr. Chong) and the Land and Survey Department with the help from DBKK on the compensation and rebuilding of the road. There were few rounds of negotiation and adjustment to the compensation amount. We have also engaged the service of a private licensed land valuer to assist in Mr Chong’s claim in order to reach an agreeable compensation value. Does Jimmy Wong know about this? 

Furthermore, does Jimmy Wong know about the work schedule and the cost of the work by DBKK to rectify the road, drain and on the replacement of the retaining wall together with the fence for the owner? All these are closely monitored and followed up by the Adun Luyang Office.

The work shall begin as soon as all the procedures are completed and complied with the authorities. DBKK shall move in to commence the work, and Adun Luyang Office will continue to ensure that the work is carried out smoothly. We hope the people in the area be patient, and give us a bit more time to do that. 

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