Sunday, 23 November 2014

Kingfisher Park Ph 3 Basketball and Tennis court needed clearing of bushes

by : Hiew King Cheu   

The overgrown Basketball and tennis court in Kingfisher Park

The overgrown bushes and tall grass in the basketball and tennis court in the Likas Taman Kingfisher 3, which is next to the Likas Hospital, was reported by the residents here as a case of negligence. 

They requested the MCA Luyang State Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu to lend them a helping hand to get help to clear the bushes and the tall grass for them to use the courts. They said they couldn’t make use the facilities due to the lack of maintenance, and there is even no access into the courts now.

According to the residents, the basketball and tennis courts are part of the Taman Kingfisher 3 development, and it is the open space with facilities provided for the use of the residents. 

It is a pity that this is abandoned and not maintained for a long period now. They brought up the problem to the MCA Adun Luyang office for help for the courts to be tidy up and open for use by the residents.

After checking with the Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the developer of Taman Kingfisher 3, it is still not sure who actually should be taking care of the open space and the facilities. 

According to a DBKK official, the open space must be handed over to DBKK officially before DBKK can take the responsibility to maintain the area. If it is still under the developer, then the developer must maintain their open spaces. 
Adun Hiew anyhow has requested the DBKK and the developer to put in an effort to clear up the area in question first. This will allow the residents to play basketball and tennis matches here. 

At the mean while, the DBKK and the developer should sit down to get the problem sorted out, and to finalize the process of handing over the said open space to DBKK. The proposal of handing over to DBKK was last heard in April 2008, and this must not be delayed any further. 

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