Sunday, 9 November 2014

Party reform more critical for Umno than 1MDB

Salleh Keruak worries that Najib-bashing over 1MBD will take precedence over party reform at the next Umno general assembly.

PETALING JAYA: Sabah State Legislative Assembly Speaker Salleh Keruak said Prime Minister Najib Razak had better come clean with the financial results of 1MDB to defuse the mounting criticism over it so that more important issues can be discussed at Umno’s next general assembly.

Referring to the “orgy of Najib-bashing” over 1MDB that is bound to take place at the next Umno general assembly, Salleh wrote, “Najib needs to nip the move in the bud by explaining the financial results of 1MDB so that it becomes a non-issue and no longer needs to be the main focus of the assembly.”

He was of the opinion that Najib needed to do this more to satisfy Umno leaders who were retaliating against him rather than opposition leaders “who will still not support the Prime Minister even if Tun Daim (former minister who has criticised Najib) says positive things about Najib.”

Salleh worried that more important issues like party reform would be brushed aside although in his opinion, this was far more important than 1MBD, if Umno was to remain relevant and garner better support for the next general election.
He wrote, “If the Umno General Assembly gets bogged down by issues such as 1MDB, that will distract the delegates from the more important issues such as how can Umno reform from within to give the voters more confidence to throw their support behind Barisan Nasional come the next general election.”

Saying party reform was critical for Umno to remain relevant, he added, “And there are enough positive things that Najib has done, but which are not being highlighted, to convince the voters that Umno is moving in the right direction.” (Free Malaysia Today)

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