Thursday, 6 November 2014


 Group photo after the session

by: Hiew King Cheu

The PDRM team of senior police officers was in Foh Sang during a meet the people session this afternoon. Leading the team was ASP Zulkiflee Bin Mohd Yaokob with fellow officers Insp Berry Christopher, Insp Azwal (JAJ), Insp Abdul Mukhatalif and Insp Grey from the Commercial Crime unit.

The community leaders who attended the session were from the Kapitan Cina, Rukun Tetanga committee, Rela team, Resident committees, JKKK committee and some residents from Luyang. The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu was together with the Police team to listen to the various complaints and requests put up by the people. The most common issue raised was concerning the security and safety of the Luyang area, and this includes the theft, burglars, car stealing and breaking. A lady brought up the issue of some problem kids smoking cigarettes in the children playground. She worried that this might turn into consuming dadah/drugs later. She urged the police to pay special attention and take action.  

The Chairlady of Tmn Dixon Goodwill Committee Alice Ee raising a question

The other question put forward to the police was the “Along” banners which are hanging all over the Luyang area. The people here requested the DBKK and the police to take action to remove the banners, and they also request the cooperation from the people who hang the banners not to hang anymore of these banners in Luyang. The people is very worry that the “Along” banners will have certain adverse and bad influence on the younger generations.

YB Hiew anyhow requested the police to increase their manpower especially the on-foot petrol. He said another police pondok to be put up in the Taman Jindo area near the Luyang Rukun Tetanga building there will improve the service of the police force to serve the people in that area and become more effectively to fight crime. At the moment the people are depending on the Luyang police station which they feel is a bit far. Hiew said the Luyang area should be covered and protected by the police from all corners, so that the criminals will not easily penetrate. 

Discussion with Foh Sang Shop owner

Hiew also proposed to set up a “Bicycle Petrol Team” made up of the police officers and the RELA personnel to petrol the housing areas during the night hours. He said this will be effective to reduce crime from happening. The Police bicycle petrol team which was formed sometime ago will become useful now.

Hiew reminded that there will be another meet the people session with the Police department on the 6th November (Thursday) from 10am to 12 noon at the Hilltop shops (Kedai Kopi Fu Ping). All are welcome to forward requests and suggestions to the police department for action to be taken. 

1:       2: Hiew explaining a point during thesession 


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