Tuesday 25 October 2011



THE POTENTIAL of Sabah’s oil and gas industry is to be explored by a forum organised by the Sabah Oil and Gas Contractors Association (SOGCA).

The industry’s key leaders and stakeholders will come together for discussions and the exchange of views in a forum to be held on 3rd – 4th November, which is to be officially opened by The Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman.

Sabah’s oil and gas industry is booming and, with huge investments from the Government, is poised to grow at a rapid pace over the next few years. The forum aims to examine this potential and seek a way forward to ensure Sabah will capitalise on and reap the rewards of this rapid growth.

It is believed the sector will not only attract significant investments but also provide excellent career prospects for Sabahans, as well as generate wealth for the State.

It will become a major part of the economy through the recent discovery of further oil and gas resources in offshore Sabah and through investments in several major projects, including the Sabah Sarawak Oil and Gas Pipeline Project, Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal and the Kimanis Gas Fired Power Plant.

These developments alone are set to provide great opportunities for the local workforce. But they will also provide opportunities for existing and new contractors in Sabah, from construction and investments to oil and gas related products and services.

According to the SOGCA President, Datuk Iskandar Abdul Malik, "this forum is an event not to be missed as it will bring all the best minds in the industry together”.

The forum will include presentations on how the global energy market impacts on Sabah’s oil and gas industry, an overview of PETRONAS activities in Sabah, the role of Sabah Government Linked companies in oil and gas development and financing facilities for start-up firms.

For further information on the Sabah Oil and Gas Forum 2011, go to SOGTA’s website – www.sogca.org.my or contact Ms Grace at KASI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd on 088 259 229 or Mr Iylia on 088 380 208.

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