Friday 28 October 2011


DAP Sabah State Assistant Secretary, Junz Wong, was disappointed with PM nation budget which has failed to address on IPPs subsidy issue.

For PM Najib to convince voters, he has to fulfill his promise to help the people to curb rising cost of living. Junz said.

It is pointless for Najib to give cash handout to certain groups as the government has ignored the welfare of the average man and woman who face the same cost-of-living pressures, Junz explained. Thus addressing on IPPs direct awarded contracts with huge amount of subsidies, which is causing high electricity bills to the peoples will be an excellent start.

Sabah increasing electricity power failure woes has not improved, till today Sabahans are still feeling the grudges of 15% increased electricity tariff, it has not been justified. Junz said.

Why are we not subsidising the rakyat but subsidising the IPPs? Junz asked.

A whopping figure of RM19 billion subsidies for IPPs is not untouchable? That's PM Najib people first policy? Junz inquired.

PM should have reduced IPPs subsidy and cut down on the prices of electricity instead.

Ex-TNB CEO was quoted in online news as being upset when IPPs was setup in 2006, because "cost per kilowatt by TNB was RM17sen but buying from IPPs is 30sen now".

Junz Wong, who is also DAPSY Youth Chief echoed the call by MP Tony Pua, for IPPs contracts to be made public!

If we can succeed in disclosing highway cost n contracts, there is no reason why we cannot disclose IPPs contracts?Junz concluded.

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