Friday 12 July 2013


                                                  Chan Foong Hin, Sri Tanjong Assemblyman wishing happy fasting in Ramadan.

by: Chan Foong Hin

Not only ensure cleanliness and hygiene of Ramadan Bazaar, but also all public wet markets in Tawau

Referring to the statement made by Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) President, Datuk Ismail Mayakob, (reported in Borneo Insider), that he wants traders at the Ramadan Bazaar here to pay serious attention to cleanliness at their respective stalls, DAP Tawau is in the view that, not only cleanliness of Ramadan Bazaar is important, but the similar attention should be extended to all public wet markets in Tawau, including Tanjong Market and Fish Market.

                                         Chan visited private market in Taman Berjaya, Jalan Apas, listening to hawkers' issues.

It is welcomed that four areas, total 362 lots for the Ramadan stalls are allowed by MPT to be used for selling food for the breaking of the fast beginning today, which are located at the carpark opposite to Sabindo Plaza, the former Sabah Century celebration site, Fuji Mart at Jalan Sin Onn and MARA Building. DAP Tawau is welcoming that MPT enforcement personnel would always carry out checks and monitor the stalls to ensure that the regulations were complied with.


               Chan visited Tanjong Market, meeting with Tawau Malay Hawkers Association Chairman Sdr Zardat (right).

However, the similar standard of cleanliness and hygiene should be extended to all public wet markets here, namely Tanjong Market and Fish Market. Years of the dust accumulated on the surface of fans and ceilings, public toilets newly built but turned to messy condition in the market, always blocked drainage surrounding the market, so on so forth, should bring to the serious attention of the management of market. MPT president should demand his market management team to pay serious attention to cleanliness of market as he demands traders at Ramadan Bazaar.

Besides, the highly controversial private market built along the roadside in front of Taman Berjaya, Jalan Apas also face the problem of how to maintain clean and hygienic condition there as there is no proper sanitary system shown, such as water tap, oil and grease trap, toilet, rubbish dumping site etc. Furthermore, the legality of the private market is still unclear. 

Have the developer of the private market followed the proper procedure to apply for the market building there? Have they built the private market following the requirement? If the construction of this private market is above the law, MPT should take the necessary action to rectify the condition.

Therefore, DAP Tawau urge the related authority not only monitoring the cleanliness of Ramadan Bazaar stalls, but also taking the initiatives to clean the public market, as well as clarify all the issues pertaining to Taman Berjaya private market.

Lastly, Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Public Service Center and DAP Tawau wish all Muslimin and Muslimat to have a good beginning of Ramadan fast started today. It is the people’s wish to have no power disruption and water supply interruption in this fasting month, especially during the first day of fasting. 

We also wish all the Ramadan Bazaar traders can operate their business smoothly and thus gaining wealth prior celebration of Hari Raya.

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