Friday 12 July 2013


by : Joe Fernandez

The NRD confiscated a MyKad from an Indonesian, a voter in many M'sian elections, at the RCI on the grounds that he was holding a forged document. The NRD definition of forged here means not in the system.

 It's not about using a genuine document for fraudulent purposes. He was then escorted to the Indon Consulate to get a passport instead of being hauled to Court. The Judge should direct the Immigration Depart. The NRD should be given a standing ovation & an Oscar for its performance at the RCI.

Why should the Indon Consulate issue a passport to a man who has obviously become stateless after being away from his country for decades? Why didn't the NRD confiscate the MyKads of the born again in Sabah Maimunah Curry House owner (Musa Hitam CM of Sabah, Nazeem the PM) & the Pakistani who entered the state as a ten-year old to be born again?

It's clear that the NRD will be whitewashed by the RCI. It will deny the existence of a secret parallel data bank on illegals in Putrajaya. The purpose of the secret data bank would be to whitewash the 3rd Generation.

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