Friday 12 July 2013


By: Joe fernandez

Because of the apparently increasing corruption and criminalisation of our society in recent years, an image is emerging in the eyes of the world that there has been increasing corruption and criminalisation of our police force as well.

The public perception in Malaysia too is that the police are nothing more than criminals in uniform.

Something must be done fast to arrest the deteriorating image of the police, if not the situation in the force, to restore public confidence in this once great institution which knew how and where to draw a line between it and the likes of Bentong Kali, Botak Chin, Geng Mamak and two-bit politicians who are nothing more than scoundrels of the highest order.

The rot in the police force was confirmed for all the world to see when a serving IGP gave a just-sacked Deputy Prime Minister more than a black eye.

It has been more than a decade since that notorious incident and there are no indications that the situation in the police force has since turned around for the better.

Evidentally, the situation in the police continues to deteriorate and at an alarming rate.

The key to resolving the dilemma is to re-train, better train and constantly re-train the police while putting in adequate internal and external controls on the force.

The police would then be in a situation to be better able to help arrest the increasing corruption and criminalisation of society.

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