Friday, 12 July 2013

Mutalib MD is a great loss to Sabah's cause, says friend


One of Mutalib's buddies in journalism, Kanul Gindol, said the passing of tell-all writer Mutalib MD is a great loss to Sabahans and the Sabah's cause that seek justice and progress for the people he so much cared as a citizen and activist.

 "I mourn Mutalib's passing and cherish our friendship especially the good challenging old days we spent together when he was a special writer for a Sabah weekly Berita Sabah while I was its chief editor about 13 years ago".
"His enduring and well-researched works on issues related to the illegal immigrants being transformed into Sabah's political force to keep up a regime in Kuala Lumpur would eternally be remembered by generations", Kanul said in statement mailed from Cameron Highlands today where he is currently attending meetings.

I send a heartfelt condolence to his immediate family especially to his loved ones, wife and children, Kanul said adding that the family could stand proud of Mutalib's contribution to the country.

Kanul is chairman of a UK-based NGO, Borneo Rights International (BRI) as well as a local NGO, Gindol Initiative for Civil Society Borneo.

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