Friday, 12 July 2013


by: Junz Wong

Junz was amazed to find out that people of Keningau were still using a pathetic 16 years old temporary bridge after the main concrete bridge gave way during a flood incident known as the 'Storm Greg'. 

Since 1996 the main concrete bridge collapsed and destroyed by Storm Greg, a temporary bridge was built.

Keningau folks are using this road access everyday to get to two biggest schools - SMK Gunsanad Keningau & Yuk Yin Primary School. Every Thursday and Sunday, Keningau Tamu is held there as well. Major festivals and celebrations are mostly held at the venues after the bridge. Even some government squatters are located there too. 

Since then it has become a bottleneck causing massive jams in Keningau town. 

Junz Wong who is also the DAP Sabah Assistant Secretary said that was simply very embarrassing because Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan is not only the Member of Parliament of Keningau but he is also the Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Infrastructure of Sabah.

'How can Datuk Pairin bared to see his very own voters of Keningau to go through such misery for 16 years long and still going on?' Junz asked.

Perhaps Pairin has forgotten because he doesn't use this bridge as he doesn't stay in Keningau anymore, Junz concluded.

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