Friday 12 July 2013


by: Joe Fernandez

No one can obtain citizenship in defiance of the Federal Constitution. That applies as well to the PTI, who are certaintly not listed in the NRD data bank, and their 'keturunan'.

The PTI and their keturunan are reportedly listed in a secret data bank in Putrajaya to facilitate the transfer of the names of the 3rd Generation onwards to the NRD data bank in order to change the demography of Sabah and steal the country from its people.

No one is above the law and that includes a government.

The RCI will fizzle out into a great whitewash of the NRD and the EC.

So far, no 3rd Generation PTI has turned up at the RCI to come clean on Projek IC. Only the PTI who are not listed in the NRD data bank have turned up to give their pathetic eyewash of evidence.

So, it's easy for the NRD to dismiss such witnesses by trotting out the standard line in Court when a PTI MyKad is referred to them for verification: "Tidak dalam sistem kami." They don't admit that the document itself in a blank state originated from the NRD.

The NRD wants to create the impression through the RCI that the MyKads of the 1st and 2nd Generation PTI are the work of forgers, syndicates -- how did they get their hands on blank MyKads from the NRD? And or rogue elements at the NRD doing a little illegal business on the sideline to make some money for themselves.

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