Tuesday 7 April 2015

Dialogue & Press Conference On Angkasa Apartment Various Management Issues

The Residents of Angkasa Apartment, Jalan Tuaran Bypass has urged their managing company, Taylor Hobbs and their developer, Bina Puri Construction Sdn Bhd to come forward to a dialogue organized by the residents to discuss on various issues that faced by them now.  The event details:

Date: 12th April 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Dewan Angkasa Apartment

ADUN Likas, YB Junz Wong is invited as a speaker.  YB will be speaking on a topic - “The rights being a subsidiary property owner”.

Issues arises from the Managing Company (Taylor Hobbs) are mainly from their negligence and incompetency to carry out their duties and responsibilities:
Security issues – The rampant of break-in/burglar cases since 2013.

Maintenance negligence on public facilities especially on elevator operations and car park facilities.

COSMOPOINT’s student behavior and vandalism.  Representatives from COSMOPOINT also invited to address this issue.

Illegal home business operator – homestays and sundry shops.

The raise of management fees doesn’t comply with the Enactment Act 1978 and Sales & Purchase agreement due to failure of producing an audited account to the residents for justifications.

Whereby, on the developer (Bina Puri Construction Sdn Bhd) part, the residents would like to demand some answers on the following topics:

Unsolved defect problems especially on sewerage piping system on individual units and also common areas.

Two (2) different interim management body paying two (2) different service charges rates under the same development.

The Angkasa Apartments is developed by Bina Puri Construction Sdn Bhd and managed by their appointed managing agent, Taylor Hobbs. 

The 8-storey apartments consists of two (2) phases.  They are Phase IA (Block A, B, C, D & H) which obtained their Occupational Certificate (OC) on 31st October 2012 and Phase IB (Block E, F, G, I & J) on the 7th February 2014, total of ten (10) blocks.  There are 128 units per block with all in a total of 1280 units.

There are all in thirteen (13) blocks inclusive Block K, L, M are under one development (stated in the Sales & Purchase agreement) and sharing the same access road, sewerage, water, electricity, phone services and etc.  

For more information please contact Faye Leong at 016-8450049 (Email:   HYPERLINK "mailto:seetfei@gmail.com" seetfei@gmail.com) or Simon Soon at 013-8803706 (Email: soonyf.simon@googlemail.com)

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