Wednesday 22 April 2015

“Through Music to Unite People” - Luyang Mini Concert

Banner of the Luyang Mini Concert. 

The Luyang Mini Concert is set to perform on the Saturday evening on 25th of April, 2015 from 7.00pm to 10.30pm in Luyang Foh Sang shops area. This is an event organized by the MCA Luyang Assemblyman Office aiming to provide a platform for the music lovers and singers to perform their talent.

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Dr. Hiew King Cheu said the people in Luyang has often requested for more public functions to be organized in order to bring about more entertainment and live in Luyang, Foh Sang. The Mini concert will present to the people in Luyang the lovely old instrumental musical numbers played by veteran musician from Kota Kinabalu. Many oldies songs will be sung by popular local singers. 

A special “Koroncong” band will perform in the mini concert too. The Sabah Institute of Arts music school students will present several songs and instrumental numbers to entertain the audience during the concert. Two little singers from Peak Nam Tong Kindergarten will also present some lovely song to entertain us. The last part of the concert is the Karaoke singing session. For those who like to sing, please bring your own CDs. 

Hiew said he wishes to achieve one objective in Luyang, and that is “Through Music to Unite People”! So far, the Luyang Assemblyman Office has organized Street Busking, Sunset Musical Performance and Karaoke Singing Contest. We will continue to organize more musical events in the near future for the people. More events like the “Battle of the Bands”, “Children Karaoke contest”, fund raising concert for school building fund are being planned for this year’s program. More details will be disclosed at a later stage.

Hiew said the Luyang Mini Concert is an event organized for the people, and he welcomes everyone to come to enjoy the musical performance. He hopes the old songs will bring back many good old memories from the past.

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