Tuesday 21 April 2015

RELA is now Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia

YB Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie pictured with Steve Su and RELA members. 

The RELA team is now being restructured as Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia which is a full department under the Minister of Home Affair (Kementerian Dalam Negeri).

The members in this department are mostly volunteers from the local community, and their prime duty is to assist in the security and safety of their home base. They work closely with the Police, Immigration Department and the local authorities like DBKK. 

Today, the RELA Luyang Senior Deputy Superintendent Mr. Steve Su Kon Yin paid a courtesy call to the MCA Luyang Assemblyman YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu ( the YB is naturally the chief of the RELA team) to brief him concerning the formation and restructuring of the Foh Sang Platoon. 

The restructuring work has to be done and finalized by next month. He said a platoon comprises of 100 members with the prime role to protect the safety and order of the Foh Sang people. More volunteers is required to join the platoon in Foh Sang and Steve urges people above the age of 18 should consider to contribute their time and effort to serve the community. 

There is no age limit as long as you are physically fit and health, and older people or women are usually being allocated with light duties. The older members can be at the same time as the “Mata-Mata” of the police and RELA too. This is important as far as prevention of crimes and security. 

The new intake will be given short training course to know about the various duty and jurisdiction of the RELA personal, especially on how to deal with the public. For those who wish to join the RELA team from Foh Sang can obtain the application forms from the Luyang Assemblyman Office and submit together with 2 passport photos (blue background), 2 certified copy of the IC and birth certificate.   

Hiew thanks the RELA team for a job well done, especially on the bicycle patrol carried out frequently in the housing estates. The proposal made by the MCA ADUN Luyang Office on the installation of three RELA stations in Taman Fortuna, Taman Dixon and Lintas Square have been submitted to the Police Department and DBKK for final approval. Hiew said once the three RELA stations are installed, the safety and security of the people in Luyang will be further enhanced. 

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