Friday 3 April 2015

Immediate attention on sewer leakages is needed

by: Hiew King Cheu

Foh Sang sewerage pump house under upgrading work

The problem of sewerage pipe line leakages and sewerage pump houses overflowing must be attended to immediately, urged the MCA Luyang State Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu. 

Hiew is referring to the problems faced by some residents in the Luyang area where they have to endure the foul smell while the foul water kept on overflowing in their drains in front of their houses. A complainant in Foh Sang said he really got fed up from calling the authorities because there were no responds and action taken. The foul water is still flowing day and night, and also emitting foul and unhygienic smell into their houses. 

Foul water got into housing drain emitting foul smell

Jalan Kolam in front Taman Soon Kiong, the sewer pipe burst under repair.

Hiew immediately brought the matter up with the authorities (DBKK and JKR) to seek their corporation to make good the leakages or overflow. He was informed that the particular sewerage pump house in Taman Foh Sang is handed over to JKR sewerage section by DBKK, and now is undergoing upgrading work especially all the pumps are to be refurbished. 

It could be the work there has caused some interruption in the pumping of the foul water which caused the foul water getting into the housing drains. JKR has cautioned their contractor not to allow any more foul water to leak out. 

On the other hand, the work is on going to construct a new large diameter sewer main connecting all the foul water from Luyang area to the new Penampang sewerage treatment plant near the Penampang By-pass. Once the work on this new sewer main is completed, there will be no problem with the foul water overflowing, and the ground in Luyang will be much cleaner. 

The sewer pipe burst in the middle of the Jalan Kolam in front of the Taman Soon Kiong shops is repaired by the DBKK sewerage maintenance contractor today after receiving report from the MCA ADUN Luyang Office. 

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