Tuesday 24 May 2011


BAD…. Edward inspecting the ‘Fish Pond’ in Penampang New Township.


THE road condition and the other infrastructure facilities in the Penampang New Township is much needed the attention of the Penampang District Council. This is following the complaints and request received by the Sabah DAP Member of Parliament office in Kota Kinabalu.

The Sabah DAP Vice Chairman cum the Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie was on site to inspect the situation and he disclosed that the road condition here is indeed needed attention from the Penampang District Council.

He said the potholes and broken road surface areas are in need of urgent patch up and sealing. The motorists and the shop owners here are not happy about the bad road and dirty environment here. There are complaints concerning the broken down street lights in this new township which caused the area becoming very dark at night.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu had personally contacted the District Officer William Sampil to ask him on how and when the district council can come to patch up the potholes and redo the road surface.

William made an immediate response and went on site personally with the road maintenance contractors to check on the condition of the roads there. He later informed the KK MP that the road maintenance contractor suggested that the road there is needed for resurfacing with better asphalt surface layer, and that requires some allocation of fund for the work.

The DO confirmed with Sabah DAP that he will get the contractor to first fill up the pot holes on the road and later he will seek funds to redo the road by paving a new layer of asphalt. He said the contractor will start work immediately.

As far as the street light is concerned, he said the developer of the Penampang New Town did not hand over the street lights to the council. Therefore, the council is not able to repair or maintain the street lights there.

Basing on that, Edward advices the developer to hand over the street lights to the council earliest possible, but of course all of the lights must be in working order and acceptable by the council.

The Penampang District council has many other roads under their area which needed the fullest attention. Edward asks the council and its contractor to survey regularly and attends to the many complaints on bad roads.

A government contract had been awarded to the council road maintenance contractor, therefore he should fulfill his job requirement and responsibility before the public filed a complaint. We pay the money and you do your work!

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