Monday, 2 May 2011



I CAN’T stop thinking after watching the videos, hearing and reading rubbish, day and night in the media that bring nothing good for the people. Yet they claim its all for the rakyat. It ‘s politicians themselves who misbehave. Continue reading my anger below.

The person who glorified Malaysia in the eyes of the world–short spell of course, is in fact the same person that made Malaysia looks ugly today- no other than Mahathir Muhammad. His era was ruled by iron fist, but Malaysians in general tolerated it, with the hope his replacement could rectify the mistakes later. That would the thinking in those days.

Sacking Salleh Abas the Lord President, creating arbitrary law-a rotation for Sabah’s Chief Ministers, he despised the Sultans of the country now he allows PERKASA –his brain child poisons the mind of simple people, imprisoning Anwar Ibrahim, said, Anwar ‘punched himself’’ in prison, those are among the blunders Mahathir created.

Looking at the Malaysia Political trend, see Datuk T, the correct correct incident, the sudden death reoccurred at the same building, so on and so forth.

In the eyes of apolitical Malaysians, even if BN government is replaced by the federal opposition government Malaysian political scenario is not going to be any better but dirty, mud slugging, sex scandal, biased functioning of many public institutions favouring those who hold power. After all about 80% politicians found in opposition were graduated from the ’Old political Institution’.

Politicking is getting too personal, no more boundary between whether its for private or public consumption; forget what moral and religious value system broadcasted in government broadcasting day and night.

Is this the kind of Malaysia that our leaders are now building for our generation?

My particular interest-studying local political development both in Sabah and Sarawak, it had never been that ugly until federal leaders expanded their wings to these two states. This is one of the reasons why PBB (BN) won all 35 seats it contested in Sarawak recently. PBB is local home grown of Sarawak, unlike PKR, make no mistake Sarawakians learnt from Sabah.

People of Sabah and Sarawak aren’t used, just watch during any political campaign so far, rough, badmouthing, used ugly tactics and in the future Malaysia may turn like Pakistan, if there is no other means would work, shooting and killing might be the answer. Again, is this the kind of leaders that we allow to spread out and to dictate the innocent and na├»ve Sabah politicians? Or should we also behave like them?

I wouldn’t mind being in the opposition rather than led by hypocrites. My interest is on people not power, call whatever you like.

(Note: Hj Amdee Sidik is Deputy President of SAPP)

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