Thursday, 5 March 2015

Little Napoleons on the rise?

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong suspected many unfair policies implemented at district level, without Ministry of Local Government knowing, which bullied small town business operators.

Junz said he has continuously been encountering many lopsided policies implemented to make life more difficult for business owners.

One example was an issue occurred at Tenom old market.

The Tenom old market Business operators have received verbal demand without official written letters to ask for new increased rental by a private company named Able Action Development Sdn Bhd.

Junz wanted a dialogue to be held between representatives of the Tenom Council, the private company and all the business operators.

"Does the Local Govt Ministry and even the Tenom district council know about this new increased rate?" Junz asked

"For now the business operators will not pay a single cent to the private company until the dialogue has been held to straighten things out as listed below:

i) How does this private company determine the new rental fee?

How come certain operators rental are asked to be increased from RM900 to RM2400 while some from RM1400 to RM2400?
One operator was even asked to increase the rental fee from RM50 to RM500.
Two operators who used to pay old rental fee at RM300 but now one is asked to pay RM400 while another is asked to pay RM450? What's the rationale behind such irregularities?

The formula to determine these rental fee must be just and fair. " Junz asked

ii) Operators can't pay that demanded new increased rental fee. There is a need to negotiate to lower the new rental rate.

For illustration purpose, Look at the pic taken on Sunday, 1 March 2015 during noon time. How miserable sight and quiet the coffee shop in old Tenom market was.

Another policy example of burdening people is the proposal of Keningau parking system.

"To implement Keningau parking system now is certainly a bad timing.
Objective mentioned was to cope with and control Keningau traffic is unacceptably ridiculous!

Keningau town is not KK City.

You do not implement parking system to cope with traffic and parking issue!" Junz explained.

Keningau town is not as lively as it used to be and at times too quiet.

Business operators hoped more car flows and people movement to boost business income.

"By implementing the parking system in Keningau will kill off this last hope and aspiration of the young people to stay in Keningau town due to lesser business opportunities." Junz claimed

Thus Junz proposed to build a multi storey parking in Keningau to cope with the so called massive traffic jams and parking issue if Keningau council is sincere and serious about controlling traffic problems." Junz said

Junz Wong who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary said he honestly believed there were still many cases of authorities at district levels implementing wrong policies and Local Govt Ministry has been kept in the dark.

"Once again I urge the Local Govt Ministry to start reviewing into the policies the authorities at district level are implementing which have burdened the small business owners and made life more difficult for general public in the smaller towns." Junz concluded.

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