Wednesday 18 March 2015

1st Musical Busking in Foh Sang shop

By: Hiew King Cheu

Escape Tone Buskers in performance 

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman office has arranged the 1st Musical Busking in the Foh Sang shop at the open air car park on the 14th of March, 2015 from 7.30 pm. 

This is a musician corner specially created for the music lovers to perform their musical and singing talent.  To perform in the busking is the band called “Escape Tone Buskers”.  This is led by the music teacher from a local famous secondary school.

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu likes the idea of a busker’s corner to be set up in Foh Sang because this event will bring more live to Foh Sang especially at night. He said many young people find it difficult to have a chance to perform their skill with their musical instruments. 

It is true that by playing music can help a child to develop special musical skill, help to discipline themselves, and creating team work. Not only the young people but the older people are involving actively in music nowadays.

The street musical busking is already very popular in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, and DBKK has identified a few locations in Kota Kinabalu City for the music lovers to do their busking. The locations include KK waterfront and Jesselton Point etc.

Hiew hopes to develop further on the street musical busking in Sabah, so that our valued tourists will learn more about our local song and appreciate our musical talent. He encourages the Luyang folks to turn up to support the busking in Foh Sang.

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