Sunday 29 March 2015

New discovery - House Septic Tank is a hide out and breeding place for mosquitoes

Hiew and Edward...with the Health officers opening the septic tank covers behind the house.

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Dr. Hiew King Cheu and Dr. Safree Jefree from the KK Health Department led a team of health officers to check through the houses for the mosquito breeding ground in Taman Fu Yen in Luyang after new cases of Dengue fever are reported.

Very surprisingly when they opened the concrete covers of the septic tank behind the houses, many mosquitoes flew out and the mosquito larvae were found in the foul water. The health team immediately sprayed the “ABATE” solution to kill the mosquitoes and larvae.

Found....found larvae inside the septic water 

The dark, dam and dirty condition inside the septic tank became the most ideal place for the mosquitoes to breed and live. Therefore, it is important to seal all the gaps and holes on the septic tanks. Dr. Safree advices the resident whose house has the individual septic tank to flash a small package of the “ABATE” powder in the toilet bowl or water closet, so that the mosquitoes killing powder can kill the mosquitoes and larvae inside the Septic tank.

YB Hiew has requested for the Taman Fu Yen area to receive another round of fogging to ensure that the dengue mosquitoes are wiped out. He reminded the residents to be corporative to allow the health officers to come into their houses to check and to spray the mosquitoes. The officers have with them the warrant / ID card, so please check to identify before allowing them in the house to reach to the back yards.

Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie distributing “ABATE” powder 

YB Hiew and the Pejabat MCA Adun Luyang staffs have been going round the housing estates in Luyang to distribute the “ABATE” powders to the housings and will continue for the next week.

The Mosquito fogging operation will be extended to the Metro Town and Kg. Cendrakasih area on        under public requests and arranged by the Pejabat Adun Luyang. 

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