Saturday 21 March 2015

Fogging in Luyang continues

by: Hiew King Cheu

Hiew and Dr. Saffree Jeffree during the fogging 

The Sabah Health Department will continue its mosquitoes fogging in the Luyang area for at least a few more rounds if new cases of Dengue are reported. So far the department is working hard to control the breeding of the Dengue mosquitoes by destroying the Aedes larvae and their breeding grounds.

The public will have to do their part to ensure their surrounding are clean and there is no breeding place for the deadly Dengue mosquitoes. The MCA Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu was with the Kota Kinabalu Health Department officer in charge, Dr. Saffree Jeffree, to inspect the fogging work in the Taman Fu Yen, Foh Sang, Pelangi, Golden City, Mutiara and Kinanty. 

Dr. Jaffree said it is important to destroy the breeding places of this mosquito, and his team is concentrating on the drains and the hide of the mosquitoes. He has sent some mosquito larvae killing powder “Abate” to the ADUN Luyang Office for distribution to the public. Hiew hopes the people can come to his office to collect the small packages of powder to bring home to spread into the drains in front and behind of their house where mosquito larvae can be seen. It is very effective and the larvae can be killed in a short while. This “Abate” powder can also be obtained from the kiosk put up by the health department, or purchase from the agriculture fertilizer shops.

Meanwhile, the fogging team will move on to Likas area and will come back to Luyang. For those people who wish to fog their area can always contact DBKK for their fogging team to come over. 

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