Saturday 21 March 2015

Will SESB UNIONs then help clear the air

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong asked SESB Unions to help explain the SESB doubts to Sabahans since the unions were fully behind the management of SESB.

Junz wanted SESB workers' union to explain the computation of capital contribution charges accounting for only 3% of the whole development cost.

"How did the union come out with 3%? Please clarify and prove to Sabahans publicly that the computation is indeed accurate.

Was it computed from the SESB own declared figure of RM72million ? Or was it computed from the alleged figure of RM180million?" Junz asked

"SESB unions have to confirm whether the capital contribution received last year alone was RM72million or RM180million?

This is extremely crucial because it would mean that SESB management was lying to the public and how could the unions still blindly give their supports?" Junz explained

Junz Wong who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary would like SESB workers and engineers unions to make stand on whether they supported capital contribution policy.

"Is capital contribution policy fair to Sabahans? What is their stand?" Junz inquired

Lastly, Junz wanted the unions to make SESB open up her accounts publicly to justify the current electricity charge is fair and to prove that SESB has not lied about the RM72million capital contribution received in 2014.

"Can the unions be fair to all Sabah consumers and help clear the air by asking SESB to open up their accounts?

If they are confident on what they claimed, why is SESB reluctant to show her accounts to prove SESB innocences?" Junz asked

Junz concluded with the note that Sabah State Government should now consider seriously to take back SESB and launch an investigation given that SESB account is now questionable.

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