Monday, 9 March 2015

SESB to remove capital contribution or let others take over! DAP urged Maximus

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong once again claimed that SESB capital contribution is one major factor causing high prices of housing property in Sabah.

"With Shareda latest revelation that last year alone Shareda members have paid SESB capital contribution at a staggering figure of RM180million. This has proven that my claim was indeed true." Junz said

Junz explained that (that) revelation actually meant the total amount of extra charges that all Sabah house buyers have paid on properties developed last year was equivalent at RM180million.

Junz further explained that this policy was not extremely unjust and unfair to buyers for two precise reasons :-

1) If there were 50,000 house buyers last year, each buyer would have paid RM3600 for SESB capital contribution.

2) Why should house buyers or developers in Sabah be bullied by SESB by paying SESB capital contribution for their basic infrastructures to provide electricity to the developments when SESB will be the one profiteering from the utility business thereafter ?

Junz who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary urged Energy Minister Dr Maximus Ongkili not to be fool by TNB or SESB no more.

SESB always gave excuses that they were unable get enough capital to finance infrastructure development for electricity connections and that this utility business could hardly earn profits. Shareda revelation told us otherwise.

Junz recalled that even the Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji has agreed that SESB capital contribution policy has been unfair to both Sabah property builders and buyers.

Junz demanded SESB to come clean or let Shareda buy over SESB and help Sabahans to end the electricity woes in Sabah.

Junz reminded Dr Maximus that he was elected in Sabah and made the the chairman of Energy Commission thus he has both social and political responsibility to fight for Sabahans.

"Make SESB or TNB give Sabah a better deal. Tell them not to charge Sabah house buyers or overcharge developers under this given monopolized utility business environment OR let others take over." Junz demanded.

"I will be tabling a motion in next state assembly sitting to debate on SESB capital contribution and that Sabah State Government must have an official stand on this pertaining matter." Junz concluded.

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