Monday, 9 March 2015

War against Denggi Mosquitoes

by: Hiew King Cheu

Hiew pictured with the health department fogging team

The Health Department is very concern about the outbreak of Denggi fever in Sabah, and today the department has specially dispatched a large fogging team (100 over people) to Luyang to carry out the fogging operation. This operation shall cover the housing area, the commercial area, and including any possible breeding and hide out place of the Denggi mosquitoes.

The MCA Luyang Assemblyman YB Hiew King Cheu had met up with the team from the health department before they start off with the fogging operation in the Luyang area in evening. The fogging operation normally begins at 5.30pm to 10pm at night. This is the active hours of the deadly mosquitoes. This operation shall continue for at least a few more days to completely dust out the whole of Luyang.

Health department fogging machine

Hiew advices the house owners to cooperate with the health department personals and allow them access to reach to the back of the house to carry out the fogging. During the fogging, it is advisable to close all the doors and windows to stop the mosquitoes from flying into the house to seek shelter. All empty containers or empty bottles should not be left in the open collecting water and become the breeding ground of the mosquitoes.

The health department has been going round to issue warning leaflets and hanging banners to alert the people about this dangerous denggi mosquitoe. It is our duty also to ensure that no rubbish is thrown everyway, and we should keep our backyard clean and tidy. 

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