Friday, 6 March 2015

How far would SHTDA go in order to survive?

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong took Sabah Housing and Town development Authority (SHTDA) chairman Datuk Rubin reply in good light that SHTDA depended on joint venture projects (JV) to survive but he questioned to what extent? 

"How far would SHTDA go in order to survive ? 

Can SHTDA depend on JV to survive to the extent of ignoring ordinances and by laws ?

Can SHTDA take away residential open space and primary school, church lands just because it has to depend on JV to survive ?" Junz asked. 

Junz said The million dollar question that everybody is waiting for Datuk Rubin to answer was 

"WHY did he sign a JV agreement to develop two pieces of land titled under CL015533258 and CL015585065 when he knew very well that these two lands have designated to build primary school, church and remaining areas are for residential open space?" 

The designated purposes are clearly stated in SHTDA Kepayan ridge master plan so Datuk Rubin must have the decency to answer this question in order to prove his innocence. 

Datuk Rubin should also answer if indeed he has gone through all proper procedure to secure this JV project, why hasn't DBKK last public consultation shown otherwise? 

Apparently It's still zoned under ridge conversation and open space when it should have been a low density residential zone if what Rubin claim was true ! 

Junz Wong who is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary questioned the priority of SHTDA to build low cost housing and was that why SHTDA could no longer build cheaper homes for rakyat now.

"Because SHTDA has to depend on JV to survive, all the potential land banks are aimed for JV projects for quit gain. JV developers need to yield profits thus the selling prices are hitting the prevailing market prices.

Many land banks such as those along Jln Inanam Laut have even being used to build commercial high rise buildings." 

That has defeated the purpose of establishing SHTDA in the first place. 

SHTDA used to build successful good projects such as 6 tiang low cost detached house at Kepayan, Beaufort, Keningau and affordable shops and town center such as Donggongon Township. 

What is happening to SHTDA priority now?!" Junz questioned. 

"With due respect, if Datuk Rubin is unable to run SHTDA efficiently that is to build low costs as priority and at the same time keep a healthy financial balance, he should quit the job and let somebody better to take over and show him how SHTDA should be run." Junz concluded. 

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