Saturday 25 September 2010


BRIEFING…. DAP members who went to the SPR briefing. They are Dr Benjamin Yapp, Dr Felix Chong, KK Youth Chief Junz Wong, Henry Shim, Edward Lu, Wellon Muyou, Mohd Jamil Jakaria, Zubaidah Bedo, Fong Chi Hiung and Rapi Bin Mukis.

DAP, despite being the party that has registered most voters in Malaysia this year, will not stopped because we are committed to serve the rakyat, understand their problems, creating awareness among the youth and educating the Malaysians the importance of voting.

New approved Sabah DAP SPR Penolong Pendartar members has completed their course at SPR building and will work harder to help in registration the eligible voters.

Junz says, the response of our mobile team is very overwhelming and we have received many calls for registrations. Sabah DAP happy see that the people are becoming more aware of the importance of voting as they know the power to change is in their hands and the time is now.

DAP mobile team went to Penampang, Damai, Foh Sang, Beverly Hills, Telipok and the interior places. Sabah DAP pledges to be committed in serving the rakyat and will keep up our hard works.

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