Sunday 15 February 2015

Anti Denggi mosquitoes campaign in Luyang

by : Hiew King Cheu

Hiew showing the two types of Denggi mosquitoes.

The Sabah Health Department has set up ‘Denggi Fever’ awareness booths in many areas in the Luyang area informing the people about the danger of the Denggi fever and the importance of stopping the breeding by destroying the possible birth places of these deadly mosquitoes.

MCA Luyang Assemblyman Dr. Hiew King Cheu today visited the booth and he welcomed the staffs from the Health Department for setting up a booth in Foh Sang to explain to the people about Denggi fever caused by the Denggi mosquitoes. 

The symptoms when one being bitten by the Denggi mosquitoes (Nyamuk Aedes) is serious vomiting, stomach ache, giddy and head spin, look pale and feeling body cold, and difficulty in breathing. 

The more serious case usually there is bleeding from nose, tooth gum, vomit blood, blackish discharge etc.. There is two type of Denggi mosquitoes, one can breed in clean water and the other can breed in dirty and foul water.

Hiew said it is the responsibility of everybody to ensure that all the breeding places of this killer mosquito is checked and destroyed. In Luyang area, there were already some reported cases of Denggi, therefore we must make sure that this will not spread. 

To do this, we must clean our house compound and the surrounding grounds of all rubbish, old bottles, empty tins, old car tires, and including any thing that can hold water. He said his office has started engaging workers to go round the Luyang area to check and clear the breeding ground of mosquitoes. 

The Adun Luyang Office will arrange with the Health Department and the DBKK health section to regularly conduct mosquito fogging operation in the Luyang area.

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