Tuesday 10 February 2015

SESB must explain first : Junz

by : Junz Wong

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong replied to Datuk Rahim statement "suppliers, manufacturers and retailers must explain" that SESB is the one who owe it to the Government and consumers to explain the reasons why SESB cannot reduce the electricity tariffs.

"SESB must explain so that not only consumers BUT also the suppliers, manufacturers and retailers would not feel as if they have been victimized by SESB, especially when there has been a drastic drop in oil prices." Junz claimed

Most if all suppliers, manufacturers and retailers of essential items - especially food supply chain increased prices of goods due to increased prices of basic necessity items such as sugar and flour.

Drop of oil prices doesn't have direct significant impact on their operation costs unless cost of transportation is reduced.

"Have cost of general transportation or logistics been reduced ?" Junz wondered

Junz Wong is also DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary however argued that it's quite the opposite impacts to these traders especially the manufacturers & retailers if SESB is to reduce the electricity tariffs.

Firstly SESB operational costs is greatly reduced due to drastic drop of oil price so no reason for SESB not to reduce price.

Secondly, expensive electricity bills have direct impact on all business owners regardless of whether they are suppliers, manufacturers or retailers etc.

Their operation costs are greatly affiliated with electricity costs thus if SESB is to reduce electricity prices, it will not only have significant impacts on business operation costs but also benefits all consumers in general to cut household expenses.

If government was really about helping the people including traders, there's no need to provide BR1M. Just reduce prices of electricity to help all people in general. Junz proposed

Until SESB reduced its electricity tariff, it's unfair to demand suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to reduce the prices of goods. So I urge Datuk Rahim to call upon SESB to explain why prices of electricity remain unchanged despite drop in oil  prices. 

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