Thursday 19 February 2015

CNY greetings from MCA ADUN Luyang

by : Hiew King Cheu (ADUN Luyang)

Once again the Chinese New Year celebration is here, and the spirit and atmosphere to enjoy the festive season is great. The MCA Luyang Assemblyman YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu takes this opportunity to wish everyone “Gong Xi Fatt Choi” and “Happy new Year” with good health and prosperities.

A new year always starts with plenty of wishes and new hopes. The Year of the GOAT of course brings the same luck and all wishes come true. The planning for the whole year also starts in early spring, which is important for the Chinese people. Thus, the Chinese New Year is the time we set the route and ways of the rest of the year.

The plans of the MCA ADUN Luyang Office are simple, and it is providing better service for the people in Luyang and Kota Kinabalu. We will do our very best within our capability and resources. With the support from the people, we are sure we can do better. 

During the past few months since I have joined the Barisan Nasional MCA, I have learned and understood more about serving the people. I realized that I can no longer serve the people with the “words of mouth”. Some real action to produce solid performance and result is the effective way. Gradually, the people have adopted the old saying “Seeing is believing”, just by listening to the “words of mouth” is no longer sufficient because the people want things done. 

The MCA ADUN Luyang office has planned several areas of work for this year, and this includes the upgrading of infrastructures, children playgrounds, gardens, and planting more trees like the Tabebuia Pellida (Sabah Sukura). All these works will be closely coordinated by DBKK with the help from JKM especially Luyang constituency is very strategic in Sabah. It houses many important government facilities like the QEH hospital, Luyang Clinic, Bukit Padang Mesra Hospital, primary and secondary schools, many government departments like the treasury, geology, agriculture, Chemistry, Land and Survey, State Library, Museum, Arkib Negara, etc..             

To take care of an important and complex constituency in Kota Kinabalu is indeed not an easy job, but we believe with the determination and courage of the members in the MCA ADUN Luyang office to overcome the obstacles, we shall see more progress and work done. Of course this must come with the full trust and corporation from the people in Luyang. We have confident to turn Luyang area to be a fine place to live in.

On the safety and security of the area, our office is working with the police department, RELA, and DBKK. The latest proposal is to set up two more Police Pondok apart from the existing ones in Lido and Foh Sang. One is being proposed in Lintas Square / Plaza and one in Taman Dixon. There will be two RELA offices and depot to be set up once DBKK has approved the locations and land. The Luyang area will be covered by these new pondoks and offices and providing good protection to the people.

Once again MCA ADUN Luyang office members with YB Hiew King Cheu wishes everybody a happy and a prosperous Chinese New Year, and best of every undertaking and good health to all.

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