Tuesday 17 February 2015

CNY Visit To Balai Luyang

by : Hiew King Cheu

Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie being briefed by Sub-Inspector Abdul Samad with Dato’ CF Wong, Tan Ek Piew and Steve Su.

Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu today together with the Luyang RELA team paid a courtesy call to the Luyang Police station in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive season celebration. To receive them were the Luyang police station chief Sub-Inspector Abdul Samad B Hj. Sumadi and fellow police officers.

The RELA team was led by LT. Kol. Dato’ CF Wong and Tan Ek Piew together with the Kota Kinabalu RELA chief Mohd. Bakry B. Mohd. Baily and the Luyang RELA chief Steve Su. 

The meeting was very fruitful, and YB Hiew was briefed on the work of the police by Tuan Samad who led his team of officers in taking care of the people in Luyang area. 

There are 41 police officers here in the Luyang police station, taking care of all the details concerning law and order. Samad said even thought it is short handed in the station, they have to work within their means. 

He welcomes the chance to increase additional policemen to assist the work in Luyang. He commented that Luyang Police station would be better off with a bigger and well equipped police station. 

YB Hiew said he will definitely look into this matter and will request the police headquarter to expedite to build a new police station in Luyang soon.

For the meanwhile, there is only two police pondok in the Luyang area, one in Lido and one in Foh Sang. YB Hiew proposed to have an additional police pondok in Lintas Plaza/Square to give better service to the people there. He will make arrangement with DBKK to find the suitable location to set up the pondok.

During the visit, Hiew thanks the RELA officers and members for contributing to the safety and well being of the people in Luyang. The RELA members are volunteers, and they serve day and night for our sake and the level of security in Luyang is upgraded very much. 

Hiew informed them that he is working with DBKK to secure two locations in the Luyang area for the RELA to set up their stations and offices. This has been proposed to be in Taman Fortuna Shop and Taman Tai Ming near Taman Dixon. The operation of the RELA will be enhanced once this is approved.

Some Chinese New Year gifts were presented to the Police officers in the Luyang Station as an appreciation for their year long hard work for the Luyang folks.

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