Saturday 28 February 2015

Entire Kepayan Ridge residents shortchanged ?

by : Junz Wong

Residents of entire Kepayan Ridge been shortchanged due to lack of compliance to the town and planning ordinance ?

As per the latest master plan for Kepayan ridge, total land areas is 180.715 HA. Total open space provided 10% is 18.078 HA.

1st issue :-

One open space of 5.293 AC land area has been taken to build a religious building.

1) Surrounding residents would like to know how much land area has been taken for the said building ?

2) Has the remaining land remained as an open space ? What's the status?

3) Where will the taken land area be replaced back as open space for the residents?

This is also to comply with the town and planning ordinance of 10% requirement.

2nd issue :-

1) One piece of Tadika 1.0 AC land area has been taken away to be build Shell station ! How & When did this happen ?

2) Has DBKK done public consultation with surrounding residents before making the decision?

This is also to comply with basic town and planning ordinance requirement.

3) What is the status of the said land now? Has it been sold or leased out?

4) Where will this Tadika school be replaced at ?!

3rd issue :-

1) What is the status of land measured at 5.0 AC for the purpose of primary school beside Austral Park? Why has it not been built ?

4th issue :-

1) What is the status of the land of 1.0AC for the purpose of building church beside Austral Park? What hasn't it been built?

For 3rd and 4th issues, I have checked with the surrounding residents and they don't mind and some have been waiting for the school and church to be built to facilitate their communities.

5th issue :-

1) Govt MUST NOT take away the 6.437AC sport & recreation reserve land to build 500 units of PPR project bcos the community has been waiting for such recreational facilities since year 2000 and it's an open space.

2) A responsible govt should instead immediately allocate funds to build the sport & recreational facilities, halls for the community.

I urge Datuk Hajiji to get all statutory plans gazetted by TYT with sense of urgency to avoid discrepancy.

Law is law and no one is above d law, not even the govt. DBKK and all government authorities must comply with the very own law ie Town planning ordinance set by their very own ruling government.

That is to be complied with 10% open space requirement for all developments N all other town and planning ordinance requirements.

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