Saturday 21 February 2015

DAP Sabah advised Datuk Raymond Tan not to get emotional but be professional

by : Junz Wong

Junz Wong DAP Sabah Organizing Secretary criticized Industrial Development Minister Datuk Raymond Tan statement that he would not answer anymore of opposition questions in next state assembly regarding Sabah industrialization as being unprofessional. 

Raymond has to responsible with his own statement and explain not only to opposition and most importantly the public.

He himself had said Sabah Govt did not want to sell oil & gas but instead wanted to get investments in, get manufacturers to build factories, create industries, give jobs. 

He himself talked about emulating Singapore success stories.

He said Singapore has no natural resource but had a 50-years head start when it comes to downstream development. Singapore bought what Sabah sells, our oil and process that and then resell the processes products worldwide. 

Tan himself even mentioned "our raw materials were exported to the United States and Europe and China and then processed goods will be sold back to us."

"Now he is contradicting his own statement by saying that Sabah has done well in industrialization."

"if what he claimed was true, then why is Sabah still selling our raw materials, why is Sabah buying back processed goods from US, Europe and China? Why is Sabah lack behind in terms of industrialized downstream?" Junz questioned. 

Seems like the minister is taking the easy way out by behaving emotionally and evading the real issue "what are the hurdles and obstacles that Sabah has not succeeded in industrialization". 

Junz who is also ADUN LIKAS, pleaded to Datuk Raymond to answer his questions below openly. 

1. Can Datuk enlighten the RM5 billion investment are invested in which sectors? Can he show us the computation of this enormous figure? 

2. What are the total number of jobs generated (not projected but actual) by the investment. How many? 

3. Can Datuk show examples of local businesses benefiting as a result of State industrialization to show the rainfall effects? (Best even, show the local economic value generated on local industries vs the investment value which is one-off, vs the export value in raw oil & gas.) 

4. Can Datuk Raymond enlighten us on the value-added portion in terms of hard numbers? 

5. Can Datuk please explain in detail the strategies his department is adopting to encourage manufacturing industries in Sabah, which has successfully leading to quantifiable improvement in production, which in layman terms mean more containers being exported? 

6. Can Datuk explain how to elevate Sabah's situation in terms of cultivating more competitive SMEs instead of micro SMIs, bringing the state's growth rate up from last of chart (2013 statistics) and increasing GDP per capita? 

7. With claimed foreign investment coming in, will Sabah Govt stipulate clearly that they have to pay RM2500 per person? 

8. Can Datuk please answer the recent query posted by Lim Wen Chan on "HOW" to pay workers 2,500 living wage since he's so sure can, & *should be done? 

"Then, maybe then, he can talk about more economic activities generated, businesses can afford to pay workers more money and ending the ridiculous RM2,500 debacle without so much as proving a solution and please stop evading the real questions.

Cabotage has not frightened away foreign investors? He must be kidding himself." Junz concluded 

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